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FORCA/MOTIE Trade and Investment Meeting

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2017-09-27 236


The Meeting was held on 1st of September, 2017 at KOTRA IKP conference room. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Kim, Young-sam, General Director of Trade and Investment(MOTIE).


-The Topic of the Meeting

Mr. Kim, Jin Chul, the representative of Solvay Silika Korea: The amendment proposal of the Foreign Investment Promotion Act by Lee Chan-yeol, minister of Industry and Foreign Investment Committee, could cause serious problems in the investment and recruitment of foreign companies as it is the unequal dual regulation for foreign companies only. In addition, any other foreign chambers of commerce response to no action, therefore FORCA will issue this problem and will file a dissenting opinion against the National Assembly.


MOTIE Mr. Kim, Young-sam: MOTIE fully agree with FORCA’s opinion that this revision is interpreted as an unequal amendment to foreign companies, and will oppose to the newly revised legislation if it comes to a coordination of opinion with National Assembly.




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