Associated Support Center

  • Support for talent
    management and
    HR strategies according
    to enterprise operation
    and management
    • Advising strategies and
      methods for securing,
      retaining, and developing
      talents and leaders.
  • Provides HR and labor
    related support to
    enable continuous
    • Consultation on stable
      employee relations and
      labor-related laws.
  • Improvement windows to
    governments such as
    labor and employment
    law,regulation and
    related policies
  • Sharing various
    experience and
    knowledge of HR and
    labor practice through
    • Community activities by
      industry-specific HR groups.
    • Sharing information and
      case through labor-related
      seminar and regular meeting.
  • Various Acts on corporate
    social responsibility by
    linking associations and
    member companies

HR Seminar

Time Topics of HR Seminar Hour Remarks
Q1 (Feb) Utilizing Internship Practice Programs Inha University
Update on key issues of labor law 2017
2H 30M
Q2 (May) Securing and development strategies on future leaders
Update employment policy and related law of
Government for aged generation
2H 30M
Q3 (Sept.) Strategic direction of HR on New Normal ages.
Hiring strategies of talent by utilizing assessment tool.
Update labor law and trends
1H 30M
Q4 (Nov.) Building organizational culture for Millennials
Overview on labor market and law in 2018
2H 30M
Networking Day by industry
: 1 time per Month
  • Outdoor activities by industry
Social Service Activities
: 2 Times
  • Conduct on various social service activities by aligning FORCA &
    HR Support Center with other committee under.
You can contact directly the HR Support Center or the Leader of committee
for further advice or assistance If you have any inquiry or need help on
HR,Talent Management, labor and employee issues with labor law within company.
Categories Contact Company Telephone Email
Talent/Career management
and development etc.
Hans Suh/Chairman
HR Support Center
Vice President,
Right Management Korea
02 6000 4622 / 010 3359 7203
Labor & employee related
law and legal issues
Michael Kim/
Leader-Labor Committee
The One Consulting
(Labor Law Attorney)
02 563 8210 / 010 4269 4084
HRD and Development Seong-Chun, Kang/
Leader-HRD Committee
Seoul National University
PR and Advertisement Eun-Hye Jung/
Leader-PR Committee
Chief Editor,HR Insight 02 2231 2095 / 010 4633 8482
Membership, networking
and activities
Jun-ki Shin/
Senior Executive Director,
Ernst & Young
02 3787 6634 / 010 4757 2587