Chairman's Message

FORCA is an enterprise-driven non-profit private economic organization founded in 1978, which plays a bridging role between the foreign-invested companies and the government.
FORCA seeks expansion of investments by supporting actual investment cases, so that foreign companies would not feel inconvenient when investing in Korea, and through this we focus on creating new jobs.

Additionally, we are making our best efforts so that CEOs of foreign-invested companies operating in Korea would settle early to Korea’s management environment, as well as suggesting the policies to the relevant ministries to improve living environments, so that our client companies could turn their attention fully to the management activities.

About 16,000 foreign-invested companies operating in Korea are actually contributing to the development of national economy, including creation of new jobs, improving trade balance, attracting foreign investments, and settlement of advanced technologies and management culture.
Through this, there is a high tendency that the citizens have started to acknowledge foreign companies as the partners of Korea’s economic development, and the image of foreign companies is also gradually improving.

Additionally, FORCA, as the economic organization for foreign-invested companies, will be devoted to reinforcing the member service that would fulfill the requests by our client companies, to support more specialized information and differentiated work support, and to seek secure internal stability. Furthermore, we will strengthen the management support and our advocacy function as the profit organization for the foreign-invested companies. Moreover, we will strengthen internal cohesion of our client companies, spread community spirit, and be more active in contributing to the national economic development and society.

At the same time, we will do our best to establish a direct communication channels with high-ranking officials, as well as in information exchanges between the member companies, gathering difficulties from them, and proposing actions to the government.

Therefore, FORCA will reform our features as the official economic organization that represents rights and interests of the entire foreign companies and foreign-invested companies operating in Korea. Furthermore, we will actively reflect and improve the opinions on common interests of our client companies. Through this, FORCA will establish a firm foothold as the venue for cooperation that would understand the intentions and roles of foreign companies and foreign-invested companies in Korea, and stay together with them.