Chairman's Message

Foreign Invested Companies,
Vital Partners of the
Korean Economy
The Korean economy has emerged as a
growth engine driving the global economy
by opening a new era of green growth.
It is helping to create a new industrial
paradigm in an era of global financial crises.
This has been made possible thanks to the
valuable participation of foreign invested
companies that have solidly supported the
Korean economy, while playing a vital role
in the economic growth of Korea.
In this regard, I would like to express my
deepest gratitude to CEOs of the foreign
invested companies in Korea.
Korea join the ranks of
advanced countries.
Currently, there are 15,000 foreign
invested companies conducting business
activities in Korea and making a significant
contribution to advancing the national
economy by creating jobs, improving the
nation’s trade balance, and transferring
advanced technologies and management
techniques. As a growing number of Koreans
have come to regard foreign companies as
their business partners, their image has
gradually improved.
Many Koreans recognize that business
activities conducted by foreign invested
companies are very important to the
continuous growth of the Korean economy
and in helping Korea join the ranks of
advanced countries. Undoubtedly, this
change in the investment and manage-
ment environment will further motivate
foreign invested companies in Korea to
expand investment and industrial
FORCA consists of 1,500 global companies
including Microsoft Korea, NXP Semicon-
ductor Korea, Deutche Bank Group, Tata
Daewoo Commercial Vehicle, Samsung
Tesco, Sony Korea, Motorola Korea,
Olympus Korea, Dow Corning Korea, Dow
Chemical Korea, Ford Sales Service Korea,
Fissler Korea, Fairchild Korea Semicon-
ductor, Nokia TMC, Sysco Systems,
Shinhan Bank, Korea, Korea Exchange
Bank, Edwards Korea, Toyota Korea, Fuji
Xerox Korea, Fujitsu Korea, Qualcomm
Korea, SAS Korea, ASE Korea,
British American Tobacco Korea, Dupont
Korea, Volvo Group Korea and DHL Korea
and many more

As a support association for foreign
invested companies, FORCA is enhancing
its cooperative system with related insti-
tutions including Invest Korea, foreign
embassies in Korea and Chambers of
Commerce in addition to operating
support centers run by specialized com-
panies and committees for the purpose
of specialized information and differen-
tiated business support.
In addition, FORCA is making every effort
to meet member companies’ expectations
in today’s rapidly changing industrial
The second decade of the 21st century
represents an era of limitless competition,
and FORCA provides consulting on earlier
investment, establishment of an entity,
taxations, tax benefits, selection and
purchase of factory sites in the field,
agency for permits and approvals on
establishment of plants and advice on
living conditions for investors wanting to
reside in Korea.
Foreign invested companies, as I have
emphasized, play an essential role in the
national economy. FORCA invites you to
provide ideas and suggestions that can
be proactively reflected in our efforts to
develop into the leading representative
economic association supporting and
benefiting foreign investors doing business
in Korea. In addition, we sincerely hope
that foreign invested companies gain a
clearer understanding of our intentions
and roles, and actively participate in our
efforts to achieve mutually beneficial