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Introduction of Statschippac Korea

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2017-07-03 5,525








1.  Introduction of STATS ChipPAC Korea

STATS ChipPAC Korea is a global leading company in semiconductor packaging and test including communications and wireless. Our customers include wafer foundries, integrated device manufacturers and fabless companies in the US, Europe and Asia providing integrated services from initial product design to final test and burn in.

STATS ChipPAC Korea has strategic production position base in Singapore, China and Korea and customer services departments based in US, Europe and Asia which enables processing the products efficiently through Total supply chain solution. The current center for advanced technology development is located in Korea, Singapore and the head office is located in Singapore.


   Started off on July 1984 in Gyeonggi-do Icheon Korea as Hyundai Electronics Semiconducting sector, we have continuously progressed since and last November 2014, to create a new growth engine, built a new factory within Inchoen Jayumuyeok ro and managed moved most of the factories from Icheon. Also last 2016, for new business expansion; the company has built additional factories. Currently about 2,600 employees are hired.










2. Why did you invested in Korea?

STATS ChipPAC Korea was first launched in July 1984 as Hyundai Electronics Semiconductor in Gyeonggi-do, Icheon. It was separated from Hyundai Electronics in 1998 and transferred to ChipPAC group in USA. Then is 2004, transferred to STATS in Singapore. Since then, has been responsible for more than 40% of total sales in the group with the highest level of technology and productivity through merging with JCET twice. Korea has a developed manufacturing base and infrastructure, and is well-stocked with talented people and excellent engineer resources. The reason for investing in Korea is due to special management ability, abundant talented resources and diligence of employees who have sense ownership which we believe will continue to grow in the future.









3. Evaluate Korea’s Global Competitiveness and investment environment compared to other Asia countries

In challenging environment the status of our company within OSAT(Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly & Test) industry is maintaining leading status in Korea. The global competitiveness of Korean companies is based on the special management skills and excellence of the manpower. However, compared to other Asian companies, incentives such as cash support investment by the government and labor costs are causing the investment to hesitate.





4. What support do you want from the Korean government?  Also, what is the obstacle of investment activities and business activities?

As a foreign invested company, it is necessary to receive support from the government. Tax cuts are expected to play a good role in attracting foreign capital and also employment regulation of foreign workers and cash support system for manufacturing costs competitiveness, incentives such as support for employment subsidies seems necessary.



5. What is the reason for a multinational’s success in Korea?

Although STATS ChipPAC Korea is a multinational company, it is rooted from Hyundai electronics since 1894 which was a Korean company. On the other side, thanks to the long-term management with headquarters located in US and Singapore, the open culture of employees made the organization healthier and also contributed to importance, satisfaction, priority of the customers etc of the management policies. In addition, for the development of leading technology, more than 10% of annual sales were invested, which made sustainable growth possible


6. What are your management plans in 2017?


Through the continuous investment and technology development, we aim for sales over USD 1,472 million in 2017 compared to USD 768 million in 2016 and also will continue to expand our cooperation with important customers to broader and deeper levels and maintaining quality meeting customer’s needs while at the same time diversifying our markets and customers.  




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