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Invest Korea(IK) FDI Forum

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DATE18-07-04 16:08 COUNT437


Invest Korea(IK) FDI Forum


* Time : 28th of June Thursday 14:00~16:30

* Venue : KOTRA Convention Hall

* Title : “Creating Global Business Opportunity via FDI.”


IK FDI forum is about to launch for cooperative work to strengthen the consolidation of academic researchers with field professionals.

FORCA Chairman Mr. Lee Sung-Hyun attend to this forum for a complimentary address and central panel role.


IK FDI forum consists of Korea Foreign company Association(FORCA), Korean Academy of International Business(KAIB), Korea Academy of International Business Management(KAIBM) and Invest Korea(IK).


IK FDI Forum will proceed on quarterly forums, and an annual FDI symposium. As a first step forward.