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FORCA May Art&Culture Class

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DATE17-05-31 18:49 COUNT721


FORCA May Art&Culture Class


1. Time: May 25th (THU), 06:00~08:00(PM)

2. Venue: UNIPLEX Building (Dae-hac-ro)

3. Dinner: DI MATTEO

4. Class: 'Drip-girls'


FORCA organized Art & Culture Class to help FORCA members build network and friendship. In this Art & Culture Class, the participants had dinner at a fine restaurant and watched a play called ‘Drip-girls’. 13 participants came to the Class, including FORCA members and guests invited by the members. A&C Class is open for everyone not only FORCA members but those who are interested in building network with FORCA members or in membership at FORCA. The next A&C Class will be held on June. And we are looking forward to have more members and guests in the next A&C Class!


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