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Minister Paik Ungyu chaired a public-private meeting for FORCA

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2018-07-31 424


Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Paik Ungyu chaired a public-private meeting for FORCA(Korea Foreign Company Association) on July 17.


Minister Paik Ungyu introduce the government's policy direction for foreign direct investment(FDI) and also discuss major issues raised by foreign investors.


Mr. Sung-Hyun Lee, Chairman of FORCA, emphasized that the government needs to make a concerted effort in a way because right now, the government announces to labor policy change so quite some core that can be effective to reduce foreign investment.


During the meeting with government officials and FORCA members, Minister Paik said that the Ministry would make every effort to help the Foreign Company Sector


The meeting attended by about 9 representatives from the FORCA members.


FORCA participants :

1. Lee Sung Hyun, INPAQ KOREA CO.LTD

2. Dal-Ho Duke Cho, Wacker Chemical Korea

3. Frank Moon, Manpower Korea

4. Inbom Choi, Mahindra Korea

5. Sung Wook Rhee, Laird Technologies Korea

6. Jeongwon Yoon, Amazon Web Services

7. Mi-Joung Son, ITW PP&F Korea Limited

8. Michelle Baek, Brunswick International

9. Kenneth Kim, Ricardo Asia Ltd



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